First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


IN every breath i take, in each moment, and the days that passed by giving life a meaning with different views and the decisions of life, in each mood of life there is always a silent voice within that says many wonderful things, which inspired me to share it and possibly might make a positive impact in the life of the readers.



In time, he was there, there for you, but not for himself, forgetting his own very existence, the soul separated from the body because the mind and heart became flustered, the two gave distinctive ideology of you which was right, but the soul out of kindness and dubiousness could not comprehend the two, because of it care to a very great extend, the soul left behind the heart and mind the two said to his leave taking “Time is understanding”, thereafter the soul realize the truth and returned to the body and for no reason will it ever spurn the mind and heart.
Sometimes the people worth going extreme for are “just your families”, a friend can be apart of the family too, not the common ones.