First blog post

This is the post excerpt.


IN every breath i take, in each moment, and the days that passed by giving life a meaning with different views and the decisions of life, in each mood of life there is always a silent voice within that says many wonderful things, which inspired me to share it and possibly might make a positive impact in the life of the readers.



In time, he was there, there for you, but not for himself, forgetting his own very existence, the soul separated from the body because the mind and heart became flustered, the two gave distinctive ideology of you which was right, but the soul out of kindness and dubiousness could not comprehend the two, because of it care to a very great extend, the soul left behind the heart and mind the two said to his leave taking “Time is understanding”, thereafter the soul realize the truth and returned to the body and for no reason will it ever spurn the mind and heart.
Sometimes the people worth going extreme for are “just your families”, a friend can be apart of the family too, not the common ones.

How She Grows

This are stages some of the girls pass through while growing up.

Stage one: when a girl is very young and see’s girls in her environment or friends, in a relationship and she is left out, she tends to be desperate, easily falling for boys and as she keeps growing, she start to know how things will work out for her.

In her second stage: she stops falling easily and sticks on one or few boyfriends.

Third stage: as time goes on she tends to realize her ability, what she is cable of, what she can do and what she can make people do, at this stage she has realize what she is, she start to notice her beauty and body, at this same stage she becomes hard to get, now she fall for few guys who are smart enough to impress or deceive her thinking he can give her the life she wishes or sees on the media.

In her fourth stage: she starts to be able to reason and see what life is actually is and possibly learn from her past experience.

In her final stage: she starts to realize what she actually need, she doesn’t want the life on social media nor that boy with the best swag, she want someone responsible, a man who can actually care for her, do the right things and together raise a family. That’s if she is able to realize her mistakes and right her wrongs.

The lone expression

My name is muhammad, I have a certain class mate which we have few things in common, she’s silent and gentle, I mostly stare at her in class and always wish I knew something to trigger a  conversations with her, every day comes by with a failure to communicate, with an attempt all the time, my heart keeps giving me a green light, and I keep holding my self trying to avoid awkward moments and regrets, on a specific day 17/7/2017, we attended a lecture in the morning and when we were done  about going out of the lecture room, my friend in person of BG mistakenly stepped on her feet and surprisingly she turned with a smile which we never expected we thought we will see a gorilla face with the impression of who the heck is that, then after a while, hanging around, the need to use the ATM arose, I was accompanied by  a friend call bash and on our way, we coincidentally saw her,  sublime Aisha, this moment brought two things, a smile at first and crumbled feelings at that same moment, because together with her were three huge guys which I disliked and that washed my feelings away because the guys i saw were far bigger than me in height and almost every thing I believed, that created an impression in my mind that she wont love someone not up to that nature or standard, that’s how my feelings faded away for my crush. Sadly i say in sublime memory of Aisha.

Edited by: Abubakar usman wada